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When I traveled to India alone in 2014, I got up at 4:30 every day. I went daily to the yoga morning practice on the mountain of self-knowledge, it is called Arunachala and is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, 150 km away from Chennai. One day, a butterfly landed on my left shoulder during my meditation in which I had asked a question that was important to me. From that day on, this wonderful, graceful, strong and at the same time so graceful, gentle, light animal met me quite regularly. I was inspired by its life path of transformation and development and chose my life motto and my company logo which carries and embodies this message of permanent change:

"It is the end," said that butterfly larval. "It is the beginning," said the butterfly.

Anita Wimpissinger - female health

This motto of life carries me, motivates me and gives me hope in every situation of life. Life, our body, every being and nature itself which we all are, is subject to constant processes of change. It is up to us to accept this regular change and the renewal that comes with it, or to resist it and to resist something that is happening anyway - whether we like it or not. Everything in life is a choice and depending on what we choose, that is, to flow with the change or to resist and resist, we will find our life gentle and easy or difficult and troublesome. All these daily decisions for or against something also manifest themselves in their effect on our body and mind and create our personal and individual sensation of "reality".

In this sense, we can change the world and start right away with ourselves, as Astrid Lindgren expressed it so beautifully.

All love and namasté,






Work and Travel Bali
Work and Travel Frankreich
Naad Yoga 90h, KRY certified
Vinyasa Krama and Tantric Hatha Yoga, Bali 200h, Wanda Badwal, Yoga Alliance certified
2012 - 2018
Studies and diploma (D.O.) in osteopathic medicine International Academy of Osteopathy
2014 - 2016
Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Level II 300h, KRY certified
Coaching and mental training for women, Tiruvannamalai, India 150h
Scoliosis treatment according to Katharina Schroth
Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Level I 200h, KRY certified
Spiraldynamics Basic, Intermediate I and II
2004 - 2007
Studies and diploma degree (Dipl. PT) at the Academy for Physiotherapy AKH Vienna


Anatomy tutor at Shakti and Inner Alkemy Akademy
Anatomy tutor at Vienna Yoga School
2018 - dato
Brand and practice creation "female health"
2012 - 2018
Sports and Trauma Medicine Prof. Dr. Andreas Janousek
2011 - 2012
Scoliosis Center Vienna
Spiral Dynamics Med Center Basel
2009 - 2011
Practice Gabelsbergerstraße Klagenfurt, start of self-employment
Spiral Dynamics Med Center Zurich
2007 - 2009
Kaiserin Elisabeth Hospital Vienna