Family Health

The nervous system determines our lives.

It determines how we feel, what we think, what we eat, how our relationships go, how we argue, how we sleep. It controls our motivation to move and significantly the achievement of our goals. In other words, the complete perspective on our life.

It is crucial how we are born into this life and how we are " lived " life. As children, we copy everything, imitate everything and experience life through the eyes of our parets. We admire them deeply and believe that the way they live life and pass it on to us is the way it will be.

But the fact is, life is shaped through the lens of the observer and thus we can change many things for our well-being. If we question whether our thought and behavior patterns are good and healthy, we can discover many beliefs that no longer serve us in achieving our goals, dreams and desires for a good and healthy life.

When one part of a family changes something, it automatically changes something for everyone involved. Thus, it is always a valuable act to go in search of well-being and health, so that life may be easy and simple. To feel comfortable in our own body, the only home we have here on earth, is in my opinion a basic requirement for a relaxed and healthy life. And for this we need first and foremost a balanced nervous system.

What osteopathy is and how this manual medicine can support you, feel free to read under the category "Offer". Osteopathic medicine is used for: