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Payments by bank transfer
Anita Wimpissinger
Praxis female health
IBAN: AT62 1420 0200 1139 2831



Cancellations not communicated 48 hours before the appointment will be charged - thank you for your understanding.

Please book two to three appointments at your first appointment to ensure that your therapy progresses effectively and improves your condition, otherwise you may have to wait several weeks.


Billing with health insurance companies

Your 10 yoga block is submitable to SVS for your health100. The blocks lose their validity. The 10 block after 6, the 5 block after 3 months from purchase.

I am an optional therapist. This means that you will receive a fee note from me, which you can submit to your health insurance company. This means that part of the therapy costs will be reimbursed.

Furthermore, you can submit the fee invoice to a supplementary insurance that covers outpatient physiotherapy and osteopathy. Many supplementary insurances cover osteopathic costs. Please ask your insurance company for more information.

For physiotherapy you need a prescription from your doctor with the appropriate diagnosis and the following text: 10×45 min curative gymnastics and 10×15 min curative massage.

The prescription must be issued prior to the first therapy session and must be approved by the head physician of the health insurance company within 4 weeks of the date of issue.

I issue invoices up to 1 year after the last therapy unit used. After that, the accounting, due to my self-employment and tax liability is with my tax advisor. A subsequent issuance of the invoice, because you have lost the original or need another type of invoice is therefore not possible. Thank you for your understanding.